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If you have forgotten your password you can contact the SAMIS Helpdesk for assistance
Social Centre users: call (03) 8878 4793, Corps Stats users: call (03) 8878 4763.

Use of SAMIS
The Privacy Act 1988 demands that The Salvation Army must take reasonable steps to protect the personal information it holds within SAMIS from misuse or loss, and from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.
Therefore as a person who has a right to access the personal information contained within SAMIS you confirm that:-
  1. You will not disclose to any other person either or both of your SAMIS username or password,
  2. You will not use another personís SAMIS username and password to access any information within SAMIS,
  3. You will not misuse or make any unauthorised access, modification or disclosure of any information within SAMIS.
Please note where a person acts or appears to act contrary to this policy, that person will be required to explain their actions and if the conduct is contrary to this policy and does not involve an honest mistake, a range of management options or remedies will be investigated. A breach of this policy may lead to the taking of disciplinary action, which may include counselling, official notification of unsatisfactory performance or dismissal.
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